I just wanted to say well done and thank you for organising such a great show over the weekend.  
We absolutely loved watching all the dancers, and of course, especially A in her ballet and contemporary dances.  Having been with you from the very beginning aged 3, it is so wonderful to see how she has developed as a dancer, now aged 14, and we were in awe of her grace and also the confidence to perform – which is a new thing this year!  Thanks for all the teaching she’s had over the years to bring her to this point – it’s been a very enjoyable journey to be part of.  She really enjoyed it. We loved the rest of the show too.  It’s always heart-warming to watch the little ones and so entertaining.  Well done to all the dancers. 
And well done to the organisers as well.  I’ve been involved in similar events before and know just how much work and preparation and sleepless nights go into a show like this.  It was really well put together and the organisation was top notch.