Just wanted to say thank you, and congratulations to the whole team on the spectacular performance yesterday.  It was absolutely beautiful.  And even the young kids had a fantastic time, spending the whole day with their friends and the Inspire team.

Just wanted to say Thank you!

WOW!! Thanks for a brilliant day and amazing show today! All the performers looked so happy and confident, the older ones as well as the little ones. Simply beautiful! Lily absolutely loved it so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

I just wanted to say well done and thank you for organising such a great show over the weekend.  
We absolutely loved watching all the dancers, and of course, especially A in her ballet and contemporary dances.  Having been with you from the very beginning aged 3, it is so wonderful to see how she has developed as a dancer, now aged 14, and we were in awe of her grace and also the confidence to perform – which is a new thing this year!  Thanks for all the teaching she’s had over the years to bring her to this point – it’s been a very enjoyable journey to be part of.  She really enjoyed it. We loved the rest of the show too.  It’s always heart-warming to watch the little ones and so entertaining.  Well done to all the dancers. 
And well done to the organisers as well.  I’ve been involved in similar events before and know just how much work and preparation and sleepless nights go into a show like this.  It was really well put together and the organisation was top notch.

Well done to all the dancers

I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all your incredibly hard work and good cheer in putting together and running, the show on Saturday (knowing also that you did it all again on Sunday).  F loved the experience of performing on stage, and her father and I loved all the performances, from beginning to end.

Loved all the performances.

I wanted to pass on a huge congratulations for the show at the weekend.  S said it was the best day of her life and asked when can she go on stage again! The ‘high’ lasted until they passed out at bedtime.  Although their part was short, I cried at other people’s children and enjoyed it when it went slightly wrong and the children carried on, correcting each other as they went.  It was very entertaining, and there were some very talented dancers in there. Special shout out to the little boy who left the stage and came back, and the ‘bendy girls’ whose end pose didn’t quite work out.  All very brave and brilliant. How you all managed so many children back stage is admirable.  Huge congratulations.  

Huge Congratulations!

Thank you so much for your support on S in the last event.I couldn’t recommend enough Inspire Dance Academy to the parents in Kilnwood Vale!  A friend of mine who was sitting next to me was regretting for not joining her son and missing out.  It brought soo much joy in our hearts to see our little ones perform in the stage! Your show made our weekend! You brought so much JOY on so many parents’ hearts.  You were not the only one in tears, I knew for a fact 5 mothers from Kilnwood were in tears (including me) and we were clapping all-throughout the ‘Better when I’m dancing’ music! 3 dads kept on saying – ‘it’s soo worth it!’ – I think the word for that weekend was ‘OVERWHELMING’. 

Brought so much joy to our hearts

I just wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday! The show was wonderful! C really enjoyed herself and I think it was a great confidence boost for her! The dressing up, hair and make-up, rehearsing, lights and music. All wonderful. 

Please do pass our thanks on to your team as I am sure it took many hands to pull that off!

All wonderful!

Wow! What a show! Well done to everyone involved!! It was great to be able to help backstage too and be involved in all the excitement!