We know that not every dancer will turn their love of the art form into a career, but every one of them will take the lessons they have learned in their training, choreography and performance to improve the quality of their life.
At Inspire Academy of Dance, we aim to:
  • understand each child as an individual;
  • nurture self-confidence;
  • facilitate the children with the best possible training alongside enjoying every class;
  • provide a happy and safe environment;
  • engage young minds with fun and creativity;
  • encourage the love of dance and watch our students flourish with confidence;
  • achieving the best they can, alongside enjoying themselves;
  • get to know every child as an individual and enable the children to feel happy and comfortable in our presence; and
  • build strong relationships with both our students and families, that we remember each child and they know us too.
Inspire Academy of Dance Values